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Hidden in a small village in early 19th century New England, a tale of desire, obsession, and scandal. Human relationships are tested, tragedies faced and journeys begun, all centered around the immortal question: who is allowed to love? Inspired by the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson.


Produced by M.Y.R.A. Entertainment (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME) and directed by Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner Ellen Kuras (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, THE BETRAYAL: NERAKHOON, A LITTLE CHAOS, OZARK, LEGION, CATCH-22).


Writing credit with Katherine Brooks and Big Easy Pictures (LOVING ANNABELLE, WAKING MADISON)

Based on a true story, 1140 Royal Street is one of the most haunted houses in America. During the 1800's - the days of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, slavery and the Old South, stands a house - beautiful to behold - but filled with horror inside. The Lalaurie House, owned by the socialite Delphine Lalaurie, catches fire one day and what firefighters discover inside a secret attic would become the most hideous crimes to ever occur in history.


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Available Scripts for Option

Scripted One Hour Television Drama Series 

Go inside the lives of a U.N. Peacekeeping team in this fast-paced, politically-charged ensemble television drama.


Co-created and co-written with Joshua N. Weiss.

Feature Film Script
Table Read My Screenplay Chicago Semi-Finalist

Hidden deep behind British lines, America’s first female, African-American undercover operations officer, only known as Agent 355, risked her life within the famed Culper Spy Ring to provide General George Washington the intelligence he needed to win the Revolutionary War.


Feature Film Script

This generation's Steel Magnolias. A woman rents a beach house in Provincetown where she and her four childhood best friends reunite as they learn she is battling cervical cancer and rally to support her.


A destitute aspiring artist loses her dead-end job, forcing her on a road trip with her dog. Behind the scenes, her spirit guide and guardian angel help to fulfill her dreams and guide her back home.

Feature Film Script

When tragedy strikes Samantha Davis on Christmas night 10 years after graduation, her college friends pull together to find themselves, and love, in the most unlikely of places.

Feature Film Script

A Harvard professor travels through time to the most important negotiations in history to show how making peace actually works.

Co-created and co-written with Joshua N. Weiss.

Thirty-Minute Historical Reality Series

Recently Completed


Our animals know us better than almost anyone. They see into our souls and connect to our hearts. What if all our pets interconnected as a group of compassionate guardians who teach us how to love? What if we knew what our pets were trying to tell us?


Narrated by the slyly amusing Siamese cat named Lucy, Raising Artemis tells the story of Artemis Elizabeth Nicche, an ordinary yet isolated woman with workaholic tendencies in suburban New England, struggling to make peace with her tragic childhood. Lucy takes us through the seminal moments in Artemis’s life, showing us what animals can teach us about being human. As we learn about Artemis’s past, we also see her taking the first vital steps toward growth and healing.

Literary Fiction, 80,000 words
Pets, Spirituality, Trauma

Raising Artemis is a poignant and uplifting story about the extraordinary soul connection between pets and people…as only a cat could tell it.

Projects In Progress

Girl on SUP at sunset
The Ocean in Me

Sixteen-year-old Grace Atwood struggles to cope with the sudden death of one of her mom’s. To build a new life for them both, her other mom decides to uproot them from their midwestern home to the small, artistic beach town of Provincetown, Massachusetts. But, Grace struggles to fit in at her new school and control her rage and loneliness. Will she ever know what it feels like to be normal?

Young Adult Fiction
In Progress

Two worlds collide in this western historical drama when the only known female Crow war chief falls for a settler's wife, jeopardizing everything.

Feature Film Script 
Rsearch Phase
Luce Mia

Elena Luciana D’Angelo is a high-powered, controlling New York attorney with little time for self-reflection or relationships. Her life takes a surprising turn when she slips into an unexpected mid-life crisis. Unhappy with her anesthetic life, Elena leaves a lucrative career behind to recalibrate her life and reconnect with her Italian roots. What begins as a Venetian vacation turns into a life-changing experience where Elena uncovers startling family secrets that change the trajectory of her life forever.

Upmarket/Hints of Romance
Research Phase


Christine Baker is an author and screenwriter whose stories feature female characters spanning history.

The Sundance Screenwriters Lab named Christine a finalist, placing her feature film script based on the life of Emily Dickinson in the top 10 out of 10,000 entries in 2011. ROWING IN EDEN is currently in pre-production with M.Y.R.A. Entertainment (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME) and will be directed by Academy-Award nominated Ellen Kuras.


Her feature film script AGENT 355, about America's first female spy, was named a Semi-Finalist (Top 100) of Table Read My Screenplay Chicago.


Christine writes contemporary lesbian romance novels, poetry, and short stories under the pseudonym Lucy J. Madison including A Recipe for Love: A Lesbian Culinary Romance, Personal Foul, I.V. Poems, and In the Direction of the Sun. The Lesbian Review named Personal Foul as one of the top 10 Lesbian Sports Romances. In the Direction of the Sun was named a 2018 Best Book Awards Finalist. 

The One: Stories of Falling in Love Forever (Sapphire Books 2016), A Heart Well Traveled Volume 1 (Sapphire Books 2017), and Tales of Travelrotica for Lesbians (Alyson Books 2006), include her short stories. Her interview with WNBA legend Sue Bird was the cover story in Curve Magazine's September 2017 edition. Other bylines include: The Seattle Lesbian, Lesbian.com, the Lesbian News, The San Francisco Bay Times, Got Game Magazine, Thysia Literary Magazine, Prism Book Alliance Blog, Confluence, The Tipton Poetry Journal, Beginnings Literary Magazine, and The Survivor’s Review, among others. 


A former standout college basketball player, Christine is the author of Why She Plays: The World of Women's Basketball (University of Nebraska Press 2008). She is considered an expert on sports journalism for women, Title IX, and women's sports participation, for which the Women’s Sports Foundation named her a finalist for a Billie Award in Journalism in 2009.


Christine is a member of the Golden Crown Literary Society and the Lesbian Authors Guild. She received a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University and is the recipient of the University’s Rulewater Prize. 
Christine possesses 20 years of experience in higher education, non-profit, and small business marketing and public relations. Before writing full-time, she held senior leadership positions in college public relations and was an official College spokesperson at several colleges. The Journal News named her a 2008 Hudson Valley PROUD Woman of the Year and the Rockland Economic Development Commission named her as one of Rockland County's Forty Under 40 in 2009. Mount Saint Mary College awarded her the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award for her volunteer work and professional accomplishments.
The Middletown Connecticut Sports Hall of Fame inducted Christine into their 2011 class for her high school accomplishments as a three-sport athlete at Mercy High School in Middletown, Connecticut. Mount Saint Mary College inducted Christine into their Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015 for her achievements as a basketball player.
Christine resides in shoreline Connecticut and Provincetown, MA. She enjoys hiking, performing random acts of kindness, landscape photography, and cooking.



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